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This region groups together the eastern part of the Loire Valley and the Massif Central, two areas which differ greatly, yet both possess their own beauty. Tours has a reputation of being the town where the purest French is spoken. It is a very pleasant town, often referred to as a miniature Paris, and makes a good base for exploring the many châteaux found in this region. A lively student population ensures a good nightlife, most of which is centred around the Place Plumereau in the heart of the old town.

Amboise is a town nestled under its most impressive, fortified château. Though rich in history, it has retained much of the traditional flavour of a small, provincial French city. Leonardo da Vinci lived the last three years of his life in Amboise, in a manor house called Le Clos Lucé. It now houses an exhibition of some of his inventions, constructed by using his original notes.

Vichy, a well known spa resort in the Massif Central, is a very pretty town which has retained much of its glamour from its heydays of 'La Belle Époque.' The Grand Casino, the Opera House and large park have ensured that Vichy is still a great favourite with both French and foreign visitors. As an added bonus, this smart town offers excellent water sports facilities.

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