Writing a Cover Letter
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Writing Great Cover Letters

Now you've put together a strong CV, it is important to have an equally good covering letter to convince the employer to look closely at your carefully crafted CV.

The covering letter is the personalising of the approach to different companies. It will relate to the specific of the prospective employer. Each covering letter you send should be different. It is important to spend time making sure your covering letter is relevant to the recipient.

Make use of your careers service, trade journals, newspapers and other resources to obtain pertinent information about the company you are applying to. If information is scant you must make an educated guess about what skills and experience are likely to be relevant to the employer.

Covering letters should typically cover the following areas:

    • Address your letter to the person with whom you want to be interviewed.
    • Say what you're applying for and how you come to be applying (through job advert, etc).
    • Highlight particular skills in your CV of relevance- ensuring they match up to the requirements of the position.
    • Say something about the company and why you are applying to them.
    • Specify your availability for interview.
    • As with your CV the letter should be brief (no more than one side), relevant, easy to read, with the spelling and grammar carefully checked.
    • Try to ensure the letter is on good quality paper, as this make it looks more professional.

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