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(for audio/video files showing you how to ask for directions in French, see below)

Where is the _____ ?
Où se trouve _____ ? (oo stroov _____)
the train station?  la gare ? (lah gahr?)
the bus station?  la gare routière ? (lah gahr roo-TYEHR?)
the airport? l'aéroport ? (lah-ay-roh-POR?
the town centre / downtown? le centre-ville ? (luh sahng-truh-VEEL?)
the suburbs?  la banlieue ? (lah bahng-LYEU?)
the youth hostel? l'auberge de jeunesse ? (law-BEHRZH duh zhuh-NESS)
the _____ hotel?  l'hôtel _____ ? (loh-TEL)

Where are there a lot of... 
Où y'a-t-il des... (oo yah-TEEL day)
hotels? hôtels? (z oh-TELL)
restaurants? restaurants? (res-taw-RAHNG)
bars? bars? (bahr)
sights to see?  sites à visiter ? (seets ah vee-zee-TAY)
Can you show me on the map? 
Pouvez-vous me montrer sur la carte ? (poo-vay-VOO muh mohn-TRAY suur lah KAHRT?)
street  rue (ruu)
left / turn left gaude (GAWSH)  / tournez à gauche. (toor-nay ah GAWSH)
right / turn right droite (DRWAHT)  / tournez à droite. (toor-nay ah DRWAHT)
straight ahead en face (ahng fahs)
towards the _____ vers le/la _____ (vehr luh/lah)
past the _____ après le/la _____ (ah-PREH luh/lah)
before the _____ avant le/la _____ (ah-VAHNG luh/lah)
watch for the _____ repérez le/la _____. (ruh-pay-RAY luh/lah)
intersection intersection (ang-tehr-seck-SYOHNG)
north nord (nohr)
south sud (suud)
east est (est)
west ouest (west)
uphill en haut (ahng OH)
downhill en bas (ahng BAH)


Listen Practise these and other useful phrases with the following video from the BBC. Subtitles are provided in both French and English.
Asking for directions in French

Listen Get further practise on asking for directions in French with this audio file, in which you'll hear a phrase in English and then in French.
How to ask for directions in French

(To save the audio file, PC users should 'right-click' on the link and choose 'Save Target As', then save the file to your desktop. Open it in any media player that supports MP3 files. Mac users should 'control+click' on the link, then save the file to your desktop.)

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