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Useful everyday words and phrases in German

Yes Ja. (yah)
No Nein. (nine)
Please Bitte. (BIT-tuh)
Thank you Danke. (DAN-keh)
I'm sorry Es tut mir leid. (es toot meer lied)
You're welcome Bitte sehr! (BIT-tuh zayr)
Excuse me. (getting attention) Entschuldigen Sie. (ent-SHUL-di-gen zee)
Excuse me (begging pardon) Entschuldigung. (ent-SHUL-di-goong)
I don't understand Ich verstehe das nicht. (ikh fur-SHTAY-uh dahs nikht)
Where's the toilet please? Wo ist die Toilette, bitte? (voh ist dee twah-LET-uh, BIT-tuh?)
Do you speak English? Sprichst du / Sprechen Sie englisch? (shprikhst doo / shprekhen zee ENG-lish?)
I can't speak German well Ich kann nicht so gut deutsch. (ikh kahn nikht zo goot doytsh)
Does anyone here speak English? Kann hier jemand Englisch? (kahn heer YEH-mahnd ENG-lish?)
Help! Hilfe! (HILL-fuh!)

Listen Practise these and other German phrases with this link: Saying hello / introducing yourself in German

Saying Hello in German / Introducing Yourself / Saying Goodbye in German

Hello Guten Tag. (GOO-ten tahk) or Hallo (hah-LOH) (informal)
Hello (in Bavaria / Austria) Grüß Gott! (gruus got) (formal, literally: "salute to god") or Servus! (SEHR-voos) (to a friend / informal but polite)
Good morning Guten Morgen. (GOO-ten MOR-gen)
Good evening Guten Abend. (GOO-ten AH-bend)
How are you? Wie geht's? (vee gayts?
Fine, thank you. Danke, gut. (DAN-kuh, goot)
What's your name?  Wie heißt du? (informal to friends)  (vee highst doo?)  / Wie heißen Sie? (formal) (vee HIGH-sen zee?)
My name is... Ich heiße...(ikh HIGH-suh)
Nice to meet you Nett, Sie kennen zu lernen. (net zee KEN-en tsoo LER-nen)
Goodbye Tschüs. (informal) (chuuss) / Auf Wiedersehen (formal) (owf VEE-der-say-en)
Goodbye (in Bavaria/Austria) Servus! (ZEHR-foos) (to a friend / informal but polite)
Good evening Guten Abend. (GOO-ten AH-bend)
Good night (to sleep) Gute Nacht. (GOO-tuh nakht)

Listen Watch & Learn - Improve your German with these 2 videos:

1. Practise introducing yourself in German and other useful phrases with this video

2. Practise saying hello / asking what people are doing etc. in real-life situations.

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