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(for audio/video files showing how to say the food / restaurant phrases in German, see below)

A table for one person/two people, please. 
Ein Tisch für eine Person/zwei Personen, bitte. (ighn TISH fuur IGHN-uh payr-ZOHN/TSVIGH payr-ZOHN-nen, BIT-tuh)

Can I look at the menu, please? 
Ich hätte gerne die Speisekarte. (ikh HET-tuh GAYR-nuh dee SHPIGH-zuh-kahr-tuh)

Is there a house specialty? 
Gibt es eine Spezialität des Hauses? (gipt ess igh-nuh shpeh-tsyah-lee-TAYT dess HOW-zess?)

Is there a local specialty? 
Gibt es eine Spezialität aus dieser Gegend? (gipt ess igh-nuh shpeh-tsyah-lee-TAYT owss DEE-zer GAY-gent?)
I'm a vegetarian. 
Ich bin Vegetarier. (ikh bin vay-gay-TAH-ree-er)

I don't eat pork. 
Ich esse kein Schweinefleisch. (ikh ESS-uh kign SHVIGN-uh-flighsh)

I only eat kosher food. 
Ich esse nur koscher. (ikh ESS-uh noor KOH-sher)

Frühstück (FRUU-shtuuk)

Mittagessen (mit-TAHK-ess-en)

Abendessen or Abendbrot (AH-bent-ess-en or AH-bent-broht)

I want _____. 
Ich möchte _____. (ikh MOOKH-tuh)

Listen You can hear how these and other foods are said in German. (Once page is opened place your mouse on an image to hear it said in German):

I want a dish containing ____ 
Ich möchte etwas mit ____ (ikh MOOKH-tuh ett-vahss mit _____)

beans Bohnen (BOH-nen)
beef Rindfleisch (RINT-flighsh)
bread Brot (broht)
cheese Käse (KAY-zuh)
chicken Huhn (hoon)
eggs Eier (IGH-er)
fish Fisch (fish)
fruit / fresh fruit Obst  (OWPST) / frisches Obst (FRISH-ess OWPST )
ham Schinken (SHINK-en)
noodles Nudeln (NOO-deln)
rice Reis (righss)
sald Salat (zah-LAHT)
sausage Wurst (voorst)
toast Toast (tohst)
vegetables / fresh vegetables Gemüse (guh-MUU-zuh) / frisches Gemüse (FRISH-ess guh-MUU-zuh)

May I have a glass of _____? 
Könnte ich ein Glas _____ haben? (KOON-tuh ikh ighn glahss _____ HAH-ben?)

May I have a cup of _____? 
Könnte ich eine Tasse _____ haben? (KOON-tuh ikh IGH-nuh TAH-suh _____ HAH-ben?)

May I have a bottle of _____? 
Könnte ich eine Flasche _____ haben? (KOON-tuh ikh IGH-nuh FLAH-shuh _____ HAH-ben?)

beer Bier (beer)
coffee Kaffee (kah-FAY)
juice Saft (zahft)
mineral water Mineralwasser (mee-ne-RAHL-wah-ser)
red wine Rotwein (ROHT--vighn)
tap water Leitungswasser (LIGH-toongs-wah-ser)
tea Tee (tay)
white wine Weißwein (VIGHSS-vighn)

May I have some _____? 
Kann ich etwas _____ haben? (kahn ikh ET-vahss _____ HAH-ben?)

black pepper Pfeffer (PFEF-er)
butter Butter (BOO-ter)
salt Salz (zahlts)
Excuse me, waiter! (getting attention of server
Entschuldigung! (ent-SHOOL-dih-goong)

I'm finished. 
Ich bin fertig. (ikh bin FAYR-tikh)

It was delicious. 
Es war hervorragend. (ess vahr hayr-FOR-rah-gent)

Please clear the plates. 
Würden Sie bitte abräumen? (VUUR-den zee BIT-tuh ahb-ROY-men?)

The check / bill, please. 
Die Rechnung, bitte. (dee REKH-noong, BIT-tuh)

Listen Hear German phrases to use at a restaurant

Listen Watch & Learn:

This video will help you practise the German vocabulary needed for a visit to a restaurant in Germany:

Practise ordering food in a German restaurant with this video. (It is in English and German, and contains some useful advice about ordering a meal in Germany. NB: Smoking is now only allowed in special smoker rooms in Germany - this has changed since the video was made!)

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