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Free German Language Lessons Home


How much is this? 
Was kostet das? (vahss KOSS-tet dahss?)

That's too expensive. 
Das ist zu teuer. (dahss ist tsoo TOY-er)

Would you take _____? 
Würden Sie es für ___ verkaufen? (VUUR-den zee as fyr _____ vayr-COW-fan?)

teuer (TOY-er)

billig / günstig (BILL-ikh / GUUN-stikh)

I can't afford it. 
Ich kann es mir nicht leisten. (ikh kahn ess meer nikth LIGH-sten)

I don't want it. 
Ich will es nicht. (ikh vill ess nikht)

Listen Watch & Learn:

Practise German shopping vocabulary and phrases:

I know that this is not the regular price. 
Ich weiß, dass das nicht der normale Preis ist. (ikh vighss, dahss dahss nikht dayr nor-MAH-luh PRIGHSS ist)

I'm not interested. 
Ich habe kein Interesse. (ikh hah-buh kighn in-ter-ES-se)

Do you have this in my size? 
Haben Sie das in meiner Größe? (HAH-ben zee dahs in MIGH-ner GROO-suh?)
OK, I'll take it. 
OK, ich nehme es. (oh-kay, ikh NAY-muh ess)

Can I have a bag? *
Kann ich eine Tüte haben? (kahn ikh IGH-nuh TUU-tuh HAH-ben?)
(> Tip: at German supermarkets you have to pay extra for carrier bags)
Do you ship (overseas)? 
Versenden Sie auch (nach Übersee)? (fayr-ZEN-den zee owkh [nahkh UU-ber-zay]?)

I need... 
Ich brauche... (ikh BROW-khuh...) (BROW rhymes with cow)

Listen Practise a range of useful phrases to help you with your shopping trip in Germany with this audio file, in which you'll hear a phrase in English and then in German.
Useful shopping phrases in German

(To save the audio file, PC users should 'right-click' on the link and choose 'Save Target As', then save the file to your desktop. Open it in any media player that supports MP3 files. Mac users should 'control+click' on the link, then save the file to your desktop.)

Useful phrases at a German pharmacy / chemists / drugstore ('APOTHEKE'):
toothpaste Zahnpasta. (TSAHN-pahs-tah)
toothbrush eine Zahnbürste. (IGH-nuh TSAHN-buur-stuh)
tampons Tampons. (TAHM-pohns)
soap Seife. (ZIGH-fuh)
shampoo Shampoo. (SHAHM-poo)
pain killers (eg. aspirin) Schmerzmittel. (SHMAYRTS-mit-tel)
medicine for a cold etwas gegen Erkältung. (ET-vahs GAY-gen ayr-KELT-oong)
stomach medicine Magentabletten (MAH-gen-tah-BLET-ten)
a razor einen Rasierer. (IGH-nen rah-ZEER-er)
a razor blade eine Rasierklinge. (IGH-ne rah-ZEER-kling-uh)
sunblock cream Sonnencreme. (ZON-nen-kraym)

Useful phrases at the post office / newsagents in Germany:

a postcard eine Postkarte. (IGH-nuh POST-kahr-tuh)
postage stamps Briefmarken. (BREEF-mahr-ken)
writing paper Schreibpapier. (SHRIGHP-pah-peer)
a pen einen Stift. (igh-nen SHTIFT)
an English language newspaper eine englischsprachige Zeitung. (IGH-nuh ENG-lish-shprahkh-ig-uh TSIGH-toong)
English language books englischsprachige Bücher. (ENG-lish-shprahkh-ig-uh BUUKH-er)
English language magazines englischsprachige Zeitschriften. (ENG-lish-shprahkh-ig-uh TSIGHT-shrift-en)
an English-German dictionary ein Englisch-Deutsch-Wörterbuch. (ighn ENG-lish-DOYTCH woor-ter-bookh)

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