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(Spanish audio/video links can be found further down the page)

Do you have this in my size? 
¿Tiene esto de mi talla?

How much is this? 
¿Cuánto cuesta?

That's too expensive. 
Es demasiado caro.

Would you take Visa?
¿Aceptan Visa?



I can't afford it. 
Es muy caro para mí.

I don't want it. 
No lo quiero.

I'm not interested. 
No me interesa.

OK, I'll take it. 
De acuerdo, me lo llevaré.

Can I have a bag? 
¿Tiene una bolsa?

Listen Practise a range of useful Spanish phrases to help you with your shopping trip with this audio file, in which you'll hear a phrase in English and then in Spanish.
Useful shopping phrases in Spanish

(To save the audio file, PC users should 'right-click' on the link and choose 'Save Target As', then save the file to your desktop. Open it in any media player that supports MP3 files. Mac users should 'control+click' on the link, then save the file to your desktop.)

Useful phrases at a Spanish pharmacy / chemists / drugstore ('UNA FARMACIA'):
I need... 

a pain reliever (aspirin / ibuprofen) medicamento para el dolor (Aspirina, Ibuprofeno)
medicine for a cold medicamento para el resfriado
medicine for stomach ache medicamento para el dolor de estómago
shampoo champú
tampons tampones
a razor una hoja de afeitar
sunblock crema solar
soap jabón
a toothbrush un cepillo de dientes
toothpaste pasta de dientes
plasters las tiritas

Listen Watch & Learn:

You can practise these and other useful words & phrases for a visit to the pharmacy in Spanish with this video

Useful phrases at the post office / newsagents in Spain:

an English language newspaper un periódico/diario en inglés.
English language magazines revistas en inglés
English language books libros en inglés
an English-Spanish dictionary un diccionario inglés-español
a pen un bolígrafo
writing paper papel para escribir
a postcard una postal
postage stamps sellos/estampillas

Listen Watch & Learn:

With this video you can practise more Spanish shopping phrases

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