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Includes the regions of Galicia, Asturias, Cantabria, Basque Country, Rioja and Navarra.

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This lesser known area of Spain offers spectacular scenery, ranging from lush, green meadows to snow-capped mountains.

Major cities include:

Oviedo is the capital of Asturias, a region of natural beauty, with mountains, lakes and valleys. The town itself boasts several fine pre-Romanesque buildings and an elaborate gothic cathedral, the 'Basilica del Salvador

Pamplona, capital of Navarre, is perhaps best known for its festival, 'San Fermines', which runs from 5th to 16th July. Apart from the non-stop partying, the 'highlight' is when bulls are left to charge around the old town, whilst the brave (or foolish!) crowds run in front.

San Sebastían is a relaxed resort town popular with Spanish holidaymakers. It has a stunning beach, 'La Concha', beautiful views of which can be seen from Monte Urgull and Monte Igueldo. The nightlife in San Sebastían is good and goes on well into the morning.

Santander, the capital of Cantabria, is a major port, with regular ferry crossings to the United Kingdom. Its lively nightlife centres around the Calle Santa Lucía, and in the day visitors can enjoy the beach at El Sardinero, which is popular with surfers. South- west of the town are the Altamira Caves, containing prehistoric paintings believed to be 14,000 years old.

Santiago de Compostela, the capital of Galicia, is a beautifully preserved medieval cathedral town and the third holiest town in Christendom (after Jerusalem and Rome). In 1993 the entire city was made a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and in 2000 it was the European City of Culture. It is home to the famous Santiago de Compostela University, which was founded in 1501, the large student population providing the town with a youthful vibrancy.

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