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The schools in this directory are divided into 12 geographic regions, each with an introduction to the area and its sights (use the map on the home page to select the region(s) you are interested in). Each of these regions is then split into 2 categories:

    1) Private Schools / Organisations
    2) State Colleges / Universities

We recommend that you select the region in which you would like to study, based on your personal tastes (i.e. whether you prefer cities, or the countryside, or the seaside), and then write-off to 3 or 4 schools for complete details and their prices.

You should study this information carefully, making a note of class sizes, hours of study per week, exams offered, facilities available etc. before making your final decision.

NB: The information contained in these pages has been supplied to us in good faith. We do not recommend any one particular school and strongly advise you to check all details with your chosen school before embarking on your course.

Sample Letter to Schools:

(Your Name & Address)


Dear Sir/ Madam,

I have seen your entry in, 'Europa Pages' EFL Directory' (, and would be grateful if you could send me further information about your English courses.

My details:

I would like to start my course on:__________(date) and stay until _____________(date).

I have studied English for ______________ years.

Age: _________ Nationality ____________________

Yours faithfully,

(Your Name)

- It is a good idea to include your postal address, so that schools can send you their brochure. -

Telephoning or Faxing the UK from Abroad:

Dial your international access code, then 44 followed by the telephone number minus the first zero (e.g. 01234 567890 becomes + 44 1234 567890)

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