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Contains the counties of Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Eastern Dorset,
Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Oxfordshire.

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An area which offers a great deal of activities and cultural attractions. Oxford, one of Britain's most famous university towns, attracts many visitors wishing to learn English and to enjoy the facilities and attractions on offer. Bournemouth, on the coast, is another, if much younger, seat of learning, with lots of colleges and schools to choose from. For those who enjoy sailing, the stretch of water between the mainland and the Isle of Wight is world famous, and boats can be hired for both beginners and advanced sailors. Further inland, the town of Windsor boasts a magnificent castle (weekend residence of the Queen), and the prestigious boys' school of Eton, where some of the country's best known figures have been educated.

Région favorisée par les étudiants étrangers, elle possède la célèbre ville d'Oxford et son université, Windsor avec son château, Eton et sa prestigieuse école de garçons. Accès très facile de Londres et des aéroports internationaux.

Diese Region gehört zu der beliebtesten bei ausländischen Studenten. Hier finden sich Oxford mit dem schönen Stadtkern und der berühmten Universität, und Windsor, mit dem Schloß und Eton, der berühmten Schule. Die gesamte Region ist von London aus sehr leicht zu erschließen.

Región preferida por los estudiantes extranjeros donde se encuentran Oxford, con su famosa universidad, Windsor con su castillo y la prestigiosa escuela de Eton. Acceso muy fácil desde Londres y sus aeropuertos internacionales.

In questa regione prediletta dagli gli studenti stranieri si trovano Oxford, col suo affascinante centro città e famose università; e Windsor, sede dell' omonimo castello, nonché di Eton, il prestigioso collegio per ragazzi. L'interra regione è facilmente raggiungibile da Londra e dai suoi aeroporti internazionali.

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